This was a solo exhibition held at Hosomi Gallery Contemporary in Tokyo, in Sept.-Oct. 1992. It included an interactive architectural installation dedicated to Frank Zappa, titled Free Concert (For Frank, because I heard you were sick).  Participants climbed onto a platform and stuck their heads into holes. They heard an extremely loud audio montage (below), and were able to pull the trigger on an electric drill. The amplified sound of the drill was added to audio mix, and an illuminated X-ray of a drill penetrating a human skull appeared. I expected the experience to be painful, but many people actually enjoyed it. Other works included two free-standing sculptural works made from oak: Abstractor, and Seven-pillared Clone Array. In addition, there were four wall-mounted works, titled Inner Self I (Dick Chakra), Inner Self II (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Inner Self III (Industrial Surgery), and Inner Self IV (Hippopcrates Revised).

Free Concert: For Frank because I heard you were sick, 1992