The FDI JOURNAL was a multidisciplinary journal published by the Future Design Institute, Tokyo. Three thematic volumes were issued, in 2005, 2007, and 2010. Each was conceived of as a physical design object.
FDI Journal Vol. 1 - Dürer, 2005


FDI Journal Vol. 1 - Dürer


Inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s Underweysung Der Messung mit dem Zirkel und Richtscheit, 1525


  • Introduction — Azby Brown
  • Why do robots dance?— Azby Brown
  • Creating a comfortable environment for long- distance collaboration — Yuichi Shimokawa
  • Lies and skill — Kenjiro Okazaki
  • Thoughts on Meji, or Gaps — Kazuko Koike
  • The tools of the present era — Miyako Takeshita
  • The use of color in early modern japanese painting — Kaoru Kojima
  • Because originals are originals — Urara Nakamura
  • Azby Brown chats with Peter Gordon about Conlon Nancarrow and musical systems in general
  • Scattered notes on Dürer — Azby Brown
  • A set of 20 cards illustrating key themes of this issue which can be combined to make a larger image; with summary text on the obverse.

Packaged in a full-size replica of Dürer’s original book.

In Japanese and English. Edited by Azby Brown and Miyako Takeshita. Translated by Charles Worthen and Junko Asama. Designed by Azby Brown

FDI Journal Vol. 2 - The Hand, 2007

FDI Journal Vol. 2 - The Hand


Inspired by Charles Bell’s The Hand, Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments as Evincing Design, 1833


  • Introduction — Azby Brown
  • Regarding Bell’s The Hand — Miyako Takeshita and Azby Brown
  • What remains in the hand? — Azby Brown
  • The brain in the hand — Ryoji Suzuki
  • Is a book a handmade item?  Some implicit aspects of craftsmanship — Shinsuke Shimojo
  • The Lukasa, the veil, and the spatial distribution of narrative — Frank Wilson
  • Did post-information society do away with hands? Futuristic interfaces in the Crossing Project — Ranjit Makkuni
  • The code in the fold: Origami as art and science — Matt Gardiner
  • Inner St. — Drawing by Shinro Ohtake
  • Hands that speak and cloth that tells tales — Miyako Takeshita

All texts printed as posters, packaged in a full-size replica of Bell’s original book, in a sleeve which forms a hand-shaped stand.

In Japanese and English. Edited by Azby Brown and Miyako Takeshita. Designed by Azby Brown. Translation by Charles Worthen, Junko Asama, and Ritsuko Miyakawa

FDI Journal Vol. 3 - Color, 2010


FDI Journal Vol. 3 - Color


Inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Zur Farbenlehre (Theory of Colours), 1810


  • When did the world turn colorful? — Masaki Fujihata
  • COLOR — Azby Brown
  • Notes on a triptych by Kenjiro Okazaki — Azby Brown
  • Irome: names of colors — Masao Takahashi
  • The disasters of color — Akira Tatehata
  • On white — Miyako Takeshita

Includes accurate reproductions of key images from Zur Farbenlehre, along with a prism which allows readers to reproduce the visual experiments Goethe included in the book.

In Japanese and English. Edited by Azby Brown and Miyako Takeshita. Designed by Satoru Shimizu. Translation by Junko Asama and Charles Worthen