These videos are the result of experiments using the Artmatic parametric video synthesizer. Most are generative or semi-generative. In most, audio and video are parametrically linked, the former controlling aspects of the latter and vice versa. Very little post-processing or editing has been done. Approximately 30 videos were made in this series between 2009-2012. These clips are excerpts of longer high-resolution exhibition files.

A parametric video whose visual aspects are controlled by the audio track; the audio itself consists of samples of my own voice mapped to a MIDI data of Beethoven's "Fur Elise." This work emerges from interest in the limits of human visual perception, and combines elements that will be processed by different parts of the visual cortex.


Video generated in Artmatic, audio in GarageBand, the two simply combined with no control parameters.


This video is is uncharacteristic for this body of work as it was done using standard video compositing. The patterned background, processed figures (based on found footage from the 1890's), and the jaggy noise pattern were all generated separately in Artmatic, using the audio signal to control luminosity and alpha. The elements were composited in FinalCut.


This parametric video was made using the Artmatic video synthesizer. It uses both found footage and still photos taken in Akihabara in Tokyo as image maps. The audio is generated by the software patch system, which modulates a basic noise pattern based on luminance and other values present in the video frame. There are no edits or montage. This work can be considered "semi-generative."


This piece uses several found footage items as well as still photos as image maps on planar elements within a 3D space. The audio is generated automatically based on luminosity and other aspects of the video frames. Made in Artmatic. There are no edits, compositing, or post-processing.


A parametric video made in Artmatic. It uses archival footage as image maps, and an iterative function to replicate the elements in space. Some limited post-processing was used, specifically blur. Soundtrack uses samples and recorded mini-guitar. This video is composed as a loop.